1. Photoshop tutorials for beginners. Organising a workspace

Hello everyone!

In this small series of tutorials, I am planning to give you a quick solution to most of the common problems when editing full-length and portrait images. These tutorials will be great for those who have already "played" with photoshop and know the interface.

The very first video (at the end of this post) contains a small introduction and therefore is a bit longer, all the next tutorials are planned to be ideally 1 minute long (🤞) or ok... 2 minutes 😄 Anyway, I'll try to be short and clear, no unneeded information, just a solution to a problem.

Please note however that everything I am saying is not a rule, it's just the way I do it 🤗

Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to be as helpful as possible ❤️


1. We will need most of these tools on the left and those tabs on the right

2. If any of the tools on the left are missing, just check if those were probably hidden within the tool groups, just right click on the tools with the tiny tringale in the corner (step 1). If you still can't find some of the tools, right click on "three dots" below (step 2) and select "edit toolbar"

3. You'll see 2 tables "Toolbar" and "Extra Tools". Look for missing tools within "Extra Tools". Once found, just click and drop the needed tool into "Toolbar" table. As soon as you finish organising your toolbar, click "Done".

4. Look to the right! You will need at least 3 tabs : Layers, Actions and History. If any of those tabs are missing, go up for "Window", right click (step 1) and select the needed tabs (step 2). They will automatically appear in your tabs bar.

Now you are ready to do the magic!!! 👌👏

The same tutorial but in video format 👇

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