⭐️Check list for clients

✅Take with you a lip balm for the photo session. Wet lips look more beautiful than dry lips, especially on portraits😏

✅Don't forget to take off a hairband from your wrist (if you wear one), it also applies to watches/bracelets (if it doesn't look good with your photo session-look) IN ADVANCE. ☝🏻These things leave a mark on your skin which takes additional time to edited in Photoshop🙅‍♀️

✅If you plan to wear open tops, please wear nude bra and (if possible) without straps. Because every time these straps stick out which is not very cool🤭

✅If you plan your shooting indoors and you are not alone, please think through what shoes you are going to wear. It's funny to see when a girl wears high heels and a boy stands in socks😅

✅I am not a fan of ironing. Escepcially in Photoshop. 🙈Moreove, sometimes it is very hard to "iron" clothing in Photoshop if the texture of the fabric has a complex pattern. So please be aware you are wearing ironed cloths👌

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