Collaborations and tags - why it’s important!

(It doesn’t apply to paid shoots!)

fashion shoot in a studio, brunette girl posing with a ladder
Model: @catherine_knz

As a general rule, collaborations come about as a result of a number of people, passionate about what they do, coming together to share their experience and bring their ideas into life in a team effort.

It is not about money (as no one gets paid) but about trying something new and exciting. That said, I strongly feel that at the very least a level of common decency is to be shown by tagging all of the people involved in the process as a gesture of respect for their efforts and contributions and so that everyone could showcase their skills and fruits of their work, which is ultimately one of the goals of any collaboration.

If you publish a photo on which a particular team was working (for free!) and don’t tag some or any of the participants, for me this is a clear sign of selfishness and disrespect. Needless to say, that I would also avoid working with such person in the future.

I appreciate that there may be a ‘human factor’ at play – ‘I forgot… didn’t know… didn’t even think about it’. But when it happens again and again … it feels like someone is trying to have their cake and eat it. Again, if you paid for the photos, then tag or no tag – 🙌 No probs – up to you 😋

I feel awkward to ask people I collaborated with to tag me or my team on our work if I see that some/all tags are missing…So if you read this post and realise that you could be on this unfortunate list, please make sure you go through all your publications and tag everyone on their as a token of respect for their work.

Be respectful to the work of others! I always tag people involved in a work and I hope that that is not too unreasonable to expect that you tag my team in return. 😌 🙏

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