Fashion e-commerce photography

Definitely, one of my favourite types of shoots is fashion e-commerce photography for brands 👏 Always a lovely team, friendly atmosphere and… lots of work! Can you guess how many looks we managed to do on that day? Around 50 🤪

If you (as a client) have never been involved in such a shoot before, there are a few things you should bear in mind:

⁃ If you don’t have stylist’s skills yourself, I would highly recommend that you get a stylist on board prior to the shoot to pull looks together👍 Keeping the stylist on the shooting day will make sure that everything is perfect – no clips or tags are sticking out, all wrinkles are ironed out and any necessary adjustments made…

⁃ Have a think about the timing. If you are looking to hire a studio for a «full day» it doesn’t mean that you will actually be able to shoot 8 h in a row… In reality it will be only around 4.5-6 hours because you need to consider time for: setup (not less than 15-20 min), makeup & hair (at least 1 h), changes (c. 2-5 min per look), lunch break (0.5 - 1 h)…

⁃ Whilst shooting each look shouldn’t take longer than 5-8 min, you still need to take at least 10 min per look (just in case). The first 1-2 looks might even take c. 15 min each that allow sufficient time for any small adjustments like fixing the lighting, removing any imperfections of the setup that appear on the images and so on…

⁃ Depending on the number of looks you are planning to shoot (shall we say more than 25 looks), I’d highly recommend that you have 2 models (or 2 mannequins). Whilst the photographer is shooting the 1st model, the 2nd model can change, and the shoot can run smoothly without interruptions.

All in all, in an ideal situation (let’s say, a studio is hired for 10 h, we have 2 models, a muah and a stylist ), it’s better to plan that you will shoot not more than 40 looks but you can always bring another 5-10 looks because you never know how quickly the process will go😜

Do you want to see more of backstages!?

Models @finleyunsworth @ayodeleo


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