Jewellery photography for Carlotta's Jewels

Product photography is not something I am really specialising in (yet 😜) but I find it very interesting. Moreover, if to be honest, during the lockdown that's pretty much all the photography I am allowed to do.

I was looking on Instagram for interesting jewellery brands that correspond to my own concept of beauty. At the moment I am totally into minimalist and very classic feminine style, so that's why the account of Carlotta's Jewels cought my attention. Very classic, very subtle... Loved it!

I've got in touch with a lovely Emilia from Carlotta's Jewels and sugessted to work together. Emilia agreed, and already in a week time I received my parcel with jewels for the jewellery shoot at my tiny "home studio" in Sheffield🙌

Here is a small backstage from the shoot, on the video you can see the setup, what kind of props I used as well as you can see me at work :)

I spent the whole eveing (about 4 hours) shooting but I think I've got some nice shots, and the clients seems to be quite happy ✨❤️ After 10 days - here are the results :)

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