🤑Photography service for £6/h - dream?! REALITY!

Do you know what is hidden behind “a photographer’s work”? 🤔 📣The main goal of this post is for me to shed some light on what you are actually paying for when you get a photography service.

Despite the general misconception, photographer’s work is not just a 1h of leisure shooting, which a customer sees, but it also includes a ton of time both before and after the shoot🖥

So, when a photographer tells you that his/her price is [xxx] p/h – DON’T BELIEVE this🙊🙊🙊! There are much more things happening that remain behind the curtain:

✔ thinking of a shootings’ idea, selecting the place for the photoshooting/visiting this place in advance

✔time spent on the road to/from the client

✔import/export of photos in a programme

✔sorting of photos (takes a lot of time 😱)

✔ primary editing photos (takes huuuge amount of time 😱😱)

✔ secondary editing photos (takes huuuge x2 amount of time 😱😱😱)

✔uploading photos into a cloud and/or printing, packing, sending etc.

Bearing all that in mind, I’ve calculated that I normally spend around 16 hours for a 1-hour photo shooting🧐.

Let’s assume that a photographer says that the price is £100/h which means (in my case) that in reality it is £100/16h=6,25£/h. Does not look that good, huh? And all that is excluding any unavoidable expenses and cost of equipment!!!!💰

📣Summary: don’t get me wrong, being a photographer – is an amazing job😍 and I absolutely love what I do❤, but it isn’t as easy and as profitable many seem to think✌

I really hope this post was helpful for you ☝and gave you an opportunity to have an insight into a photographer’s life😄📸


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