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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Just before the 2nd national lockdown came into force, I had a fashion photoshoot with Alpacas in Sheffield!

Jana kukebal fashion photographer sheffield

I don’t know what about you, but I would never believe that it’s so easy to do a shoot with alpacas. When Grace (stylist) first sent me an image of a girl standing in fields with alpacas (as a part of an inspiration for the upcoming shoot), I thought like omg, how cool that is!? And that I definitely want to shoot with alpacas 😍. But as I said, I hardly could imagine how that's possible, especially now with all the local restrictions because of the COVID and so on... And in general! It’s so scary to organise something like that. 🙈

Jana kukebal fashion photographer sheffield

Nevertheless, we started to look into different locations with alpacas but all of them seemed to be quite far away from Sheffield🥺 And then I suddenly remembered that there is actually a lovely farm just 15 min away from Sheffield city centre, and I was to that place around 5 times. It's super cute and... they have alpacas there!!! Julia (muah) said like why not to try to contact them?! And she dropped a line.

fashion photographer Jana Kukebal manchester

Alpaca farm responded the very next day 🤩 saying they are more than happy to offer us a timeslot to shoot with Alpacas. Oh, you even can’t imagine how happy I was! We agreed on the date&time and started to plan our shoot: searching for models, preparing a final mood board, creating the looks and thinking through the makeup and hairstyle, as well as getting some references for posing. It’s really so important to think about all the possible things before the fashion shoot takes place in order to avoid some mess-ups. Although… let’s be honest, It doesn’t matter how ready you are, there always will be some mess-ups when we talk about a big shoot with lot’s of organising😄 But you can always reduce the chances of this happening 👌

As to our mess-ups from the shooting with Alpacas, we definitely had to think about how to warm up the models when shooting outdoors😅 Oh… It was so-so cold that day, just freezing… and it was drizzling. I am so grateful for our models being so weather-resistant. Modelling is not always about fun 🙈 You have to ignore all the weather conditions; you have to pose and control your emotions and… keep the alpacas moving and looking into the camera 😂

(👇We wrapped Amelia with everything we had... And still! Look at her, she looks absolutely fabulous wearing all those layers... a true fashion model 😄)

Btw, I forgot to mention that our first agreed date was canceled last minute just because of the horrible weather forecast 😭 You literally can’t plan a big outdoor fashion shoot in the UK in-between October and… erm… April!? 😅 The weather is changing every 5 minutes and the weather forecast is absolutely not reliable. It’s all about risk! And we decided to take that risk when planning an alternative date. Despite our hopes, the new shooting day was also quite grey and dark… But now I think that there is definitely something in it… In this “foggy” background… It’s soooo… British-moody ✨😄

Jana Kukebal fashion photographer manchester

The shooting day started not super early (as usually…at 6am 🙈), at around 9am. We met at mine and Julia did the makeup and hair for the models and we moved to the alpaca farm, where we met Grace.

Ha... I've never seen such a "standing" tent, but Grace was a star to bring it! Usually, our models have to change literally in the middle of nowhere, but this time they had at least just a bit of privacy 😂 Hmmm, probably I need to buy me one to keep it for the shoots🤔😁

We captured all together around 8 looks and it took us approximately 5 hours (excl. time for preps and road). And I believe we could stay longer but the farm was closing 🙈 From that shoot I got around 2.000 images 🙀 So I spent a few days just sorting out those images…😅 Then we had to do a selection of the best images and I had to do the editing…

So here is the result – a small series of images from our fashion photoshoot that were featured in PUMP magazine.


Photographer Jana Kukebal @jana.kukebal

Makeup Artist Julia Jeckell @juliajeckellmuah

Wardrobe Stylist Grace Leivers @graceleivers_styling

Model Patrycja Matejko @patimatejko @jadoremodelsmcr

Model Amelia Kearney @ameliakearney @titaniummanagement

Location Mayfield Animal Park @mayfield_alpacas_animal_park

Enjoy :)


And one extra image because I like it 👆🏻:)

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