The easiest way to get published as a fashion photographer in 2020

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

At the start of my career as a fashion photographer I thought that it was almost unrealistic to get published in fashion magazines. Well, Yes and No. It’s not that easy to be featured in the world’s top fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper’s BAZAAR or Elle, yet – nothing is impossible with enough effort and patience!

Psss… Unlike other top fashion magazines, I know that you can submit your works to Vogue Italia! Just click here, create an account and submit your best images. You can submit only on Mondays and Tuesday from 8am to 8pm and no more than 2 images per day. My submissions have not been accepted so far but my fellow-photographer, Kseniya Kurs, has been published there a few times! So, I know it’s do-able!

One day I was scrolling through different fashion photography related stuff and found an absolutely amazing website called Kavyar. Kavyar is a big platform representing more than 140 international fashion magazines. The website is very user-friendly and easy to deal with. Around 95% of all my publications were done through this platform.

The submission process is pretty straightforward.

1) Sign up and create an account

2) Choose between free and premium subscription.

Free subscription allows you to do up to 10 submissions a month. To be honest, it’s more than enoughAt least for the beginning.

3) Choose the magazine you want to submit.

Bear in mind, however, that some magazines accept only paid submission (yes, you have to pay if you want to be featured). But there are plenty of magazines who take free submissions. If you were wondering whether you can get paid for your submission, unfortunately, that’s not the case. At least, I didn’t see any magazine in Kavyar who would offer the payment to photographers.

4) After choosing the magazine, click to upload your images.

In most cases, magazines ask for 15-20 images. Make sure you upload as many different images as possible (full-length, portraits, closeups; landscape and portrait). Also, don’t forget that magazines love variety! Make sure, that the model in your images has at least 3 different looks. Some even ask for 4 and more looks.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the majority of magazines have specific themes for a particular issue. This means that if your shoot theme doesn’t match to the announced theme, your shoot might be declined just because of that and not because your pictures were not 'good enough'.

5) Add credits for whole team and wardrobe.

6) Click SUBMIT! - Piece of cake! ;)

Don’t be sad if at the beginning none of the magazines accept your shoot on the first try. Probably, you need to work a bit harder! (No, not on submissions :D but on your images, editing, styling).

Research the magazine you want to be published in, get their vibe, get your team and create! I am sure you will succeed!

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