This preset is perfect for shots taken on a sunny day with a clear sky on the background (see examples). Try to avoid capturing too many vivid/colorfull objects. Ideally the shot should mostly consist of blue/white/grey/beige colours.


For the better result, try to take images slightly underexposed, so that you don't loose any details in highlights. The preset will help you to "recover" shadows and keep beautiful highlights.


Please keep in mind that the end result depends on the original image (original colours, lights and shadows). In any case you would need to slightly tweak the preset's settings (at least - adjust exposure and white balance) to make it work for your image.


This preset is an .XMP file and is zipped. To unzip the file, you need to install Zip Opener. The preset is created in and can be used in the Adobe Lightroom (desktop version only).


To learn how to install the preset, please click here.

Preset Sunny Day

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  • Read here full text with images or a summary below:

    • Open Lightroom
    • Click “Develop” module
    • Click “+” on the left sidebar in the tab "Presets"
    • Click “Import Presets”
    • Select the perest(s) you want to install and click "Open"
    • DONE! :)
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